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Gold Swing


Experience the joyous freedom of childhood with AUTUMN LEAF. This handcrafted piece, available in cast aluminum, bronze, or intricately carved wood, takes you back to the carefree sensation of swinging and the exhilaration of flight.
Each creation carries a unique energy, crafted by skilled artisans with an alchemist’s touch. Reconnect with nature as you sit on this leaf-inspired masterpiece and embrace the enchantment it offers.


cast aluminum, bronze, bronze goldplated or wood,


L 23.6 x W 14.5 x H 7.8 in
L 60 x W 37 x H 20 cm

May be commissioned with bespoke dimensions.


12 weeks


Upon request

Each piece is meticulously crafted using organic materials, seamlessly blending time-honored traditions with contemporary techniques. Our discerning clientele and collectors understand, endorse, and appreciate the deliberate imperfections inherent in our creations. Veronica Mar does not accept returns, claims, or bear responsibility for these intentional flaws, as they constitute an essential part of my artistic vision and ethos. These intentional imperfections include, but are not confined to:

  • The organic occurrence of wood cracking, a natural response to seasonal climates and environmental conditions over time.
  • The inherent irregularities and natural formations found in items sculpted from stone or other mineral materials.
  • In cast brass, certain marks may appear due to the porosity that occurs during the metal casting process.
  • Deliberate imperfections, including purposefully created marks in handcrafted metalwork pieces, especially in corten steel, which tends to oxidize and exhibit non-uniform characteristics.


Gold Swing

VeronicaMar art