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Space ENERGETIC harmonization

Harmonize your space energetically.

Space harmonization through geobiology is an ancestral technique that neutralizes the influences of water currents, faults, Curry and Hartman lines, and cosmo-telluric chimneys, which, according to their arrangement in a space, can generate discomfort, nervousness, depression or even cancer. 

Through energy harmonization of spaces, we can add any vibration to a house, premises, or building with discordant energies to create harmony in the place. We can also balance the energy of the space so that it is more conducive to meditation, or we can attract economic abundance in the case of a business, we can add the energy of protection, peace, unconditional love, etc. We can also create an environment where joy and fun can be breathed, or we can even add frequencies of elements such as quartz, flower essences, incense, etc.

The vibration of a space can be elevated and harmonized by neutralizing negative energies and geopathic stress zones, promoting well-being and health.

I perform harmonizations in person and remotely.

further information

All spaces such as apartments, houses, offices, premises, shops, etc. accumulate energy inside them, and this can be of high or low frequency depending on the type of activities that are carried out in this place or on the attitude of the people who pass through it.

The type of energy vibration is also influenced by the ventilation of the space, the lighting, the objects in it, the order and cleanliness, geopathies such as underground water currents or telephone antennas, etc.

It is about harmonizing the dense or low-frequency energies that are found in a place. These energies may have been released there (very common in places where people go to heal or in places where there are frequent arguments), or the objects in the place may have belonged to other people and have become impregnated with that type of energy. On other occasions, dense energies are found in spaces with a lack of movement and also in houses or buildings built on land with traumatic memories (such as wars, old asylums, etc.) or with energy pollution.


art direction

As an Art Director, I bring a unique perspective, helping companies sublimate their identities.

Concept to Completion: I lead the creative process, ensuring a cohesive and visually stunning brand story.

Creative Visionary: I breathe life into your brand, crafting a visual language that resonates deeply with your audience.



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As an artist and designer, I create unique and bespoke artworks for clients across various disciplines. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece for your home, a personalized gift, a monumental sculpture or a design solution for your business, I can collaborate with you to bring your vision to life.